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Audio/Video Revolution

"The Synchro-Mesh revealed nuances and a smooth top end I had not previously realized. The opening track, "I Want You To Know", propels out of the speakers with a huge electric bass line, cracking drums, and classic guitar riffing. Impossible not to be impressed here."

"Comparing the album stream with and without the Synchro-Mesh in the signal path, was interesting and crystallized the improvements the Synchro-Mesh was providing. With the Synchro-Mesh in tow, the sound was a lusher, better rounded, and more relaxed."

6moons Reviews

“Without Empirical reclocking we get a sound that’s comparatively dead behind the eyes. It walks like a zombie … It’s not just a nice-to-have addendum but a near must for serious furrowed-brow Squeezebox and Sonos owners.”

John Darko, 6-Moons, May 2012

Listener impressions


"In my setup, I can hear a clear improvement in SQ with SM when I connect a source by Toslink rather than coax, probably due to ground loop issues (particularly from my TV-box). Cutting ground loops at the SM input makes sense to me.

Coax output with Steve's new cable is absolute Nirvana, nothing I tried comes close to it (coax or optical) to feed my DAC. By the way, this cable also does marvels on other coax audio sources!"

Oct 2013


"I find the soundstage, imaging, note timbre and decay markedly improved. Really an outstanding addition."

Sept 2013


"with the OTL and new cable that Steve makes, improves everything I plug into it."

May 2013


"Difference the mods made? I'd say, that everything that the SM did, was bettered by about 15 to 25%. In audio world, that's a lot. Music is presented with more control, one can look more into the music, bass is improved along with soundstage, and slam. Brass sounds are more alive and great extension. Low level detail is greatly improved"

May 2013


"SM OTL mod is absolutely fantastic!"

May 2013


"When I added a Synchro-Mesh to my stereo I was struck immediately by a big positive change, and since then my enthusiasm for this product has remained strong. The main improvement for me is that the SM creates a much more realistic picture of the size and "3-Dness" of the sound. It has become almost like surround sound, with heightened spatial effects."

April 2013


"I must say I am absolutely blown away by the effect of the latest mods, which puts the SM in an entirely different class now. What surprizes me most is the extension in perceived bandwidth and absolute clarity and density at both ends of the spectrum, as if I had upgraded the amp and the speakers as well. And best of all, the rather polite sound of my modded Northstar DAC is now explosive and incredibly live sounding with a rock solid sound stage even when I move around in my room. WOW!"

April 2013


"Gulp.....WOW! It's back, and with a vengeance! Keener resolve, quieter, more jump, and much tighter focus. That about sums it up." If you have an Synchro-Mesh and your DAC is galvanically isolated at the S/PDIF input, I would suggest that you get it to Steve to have the OTL mod done to it."

April 2013

Two SPDIF reclockers – Comparison of Audio Gd DI a

"What was interesting about my response to the Synchro Mesh was that the intensity of my emotional response and attention increased.....each time I switched to the Synchro Mesh, it became an absorbing and intense experience."

April 2013


"Steve, just got the SM yesterday....using the coax connection into my DAC-wow, what a difference with the sonos-it is actually very enjoyable to listen to now"



"Guitars sounded cleaner, faster and more real, with excellent visual stimulation. Positioning improved. Piano rang true, could depict fingers plucking the keys, and pedal effects greatly enhanced. The size of the venue more translated due to an up-scaled reverb effect."



"Toward the end of the piece there are 1 or 2 drum hits that surprised me not for their impact (not tympani drums) but for the fact I heard some harmonic texture to them ! (Are you kidding me ??, honestly)

I think you might have a pretty nice clock in this box, Steve."

Steve in Jersey


"In summary I would say the effect of the SM is to present a more refined image: smoother highs with less sibillance, more focused images with less of a 'halo' around them.... The SM addresses a real gap in the market; improving the audio quality of affordable consumer audio streamers which have price, usability and home integration as design requirements ahead of absolute audio quality."



"Music has more reach in the upper edge as well as the lower ranges. Another important and definitive improvement was soundstage. It grew quiet a bit, vertically most noticeably... Just for fun, and to be able to appreciate these improvements more, i decided one day that I'd last a whole day without the Synchro Mesh in my system. That lasted about 3 songs. Music wasn't as fun. Simple as that."



“Synchro-mesh arrived 2 weeks ago. Very very good purchase. It costs $600 but I feel it brings out a lot more $$ that I've already invested in my speakers, amp and pre. ECD-1 dac sounded a lot more glorious than before.”



“The difference it makes is rather astonishing. Everything sounds more present, more spacious, and more alive. Very happy with this new purchase.”



“Very pleased with what the little Syncro-Mesh can give the sound ... for now are just a few hours of listening and has already started a stage bigger, deeper, better definition of the instruments Stage



“The Synchro-Mesh ... outperforms my Monarchy DIP with a much more detailed presentation. Presently I have the CIA VDA-2 and outboard power supply and the Synchro Mesh is making this DAC sing like all get out. Very pleased with The Synchro Mesh. Thanks Steve.”



“The sound is fantastically good through the Synchro Mesh.


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