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“It is awesome! The Pace Car has transformed my system...”

August 2009


“My initial comments were positive: the Pace Car is one hot performer.”

June 2009


“The Pace Car is simply stellar at getting the music out into the room in a way that equals that heard from spinning CDs directly with either the Cary or the EMM. In the previous Ramblings I reported that what I was hearing via computer was not really equal to that from either player… different for sure, and while it was good, it was simply not as good (this was based on using the Off-Ramp with a generic USB cable). Well… with the Pace Car and computer rig set-up just right it is as equally engaging as the other sources in the system.”

“The Pace Car clearly leads the pack.”

Dave Clark
Positive-Feedback Online
September 2008


“Most of the jitter reduction products are using 90’s digital technology and are a bit long in the tooth for use with data extracted CD's ... "computer audio". I have owned or tried just about every one of these products that have come down the pipe, and IMNSHO, they are mere toys when compared to the latest development from Empirical Audio called the Pace Car.”

“The sound is nothing short of astonishing, right up there with my Reel to Reel and Analog Rig! With the use of Computer Audio & Pace Car, CD spinners are now left in the dust!!!”

June 2008


“Off Ramp sans Pace Car was no performance slouch, but straight out of the box the Pace Car showed a big improvement”

“very easy & relaxing on the ears. A digital first?”

“not easy to see how this could be improved on”

June 2008


“Highly recommended."(Sonos version)

March 2008


“The Pace-Car is terrific, the best "transport" I've had.I had high expectations for this product, and my expectations were met and exceeded.”

February 2008


“Once I plugged it into my system (between the Airport Express and the Scott Nixon TubeDac+) the sound improved greatly over what I was getting out of the Sony DVP-S7000. The difference was day and night. Everything sounded much more live, tighter bass, better imaging, faster attack. The highs opened up dramatically. Wow. I’m very happy with my purchase!”

“Once I plugged in the Pace-Car in between Airport Express and DAC-1 things changed dramatically. Everything was much better, even the imaging improved a bit - from "very respectable" to "very good." Definitely, everything sounds much better. It left the Sony DVP-S7000 and Airport Express (without a Pace-Car) in the dust. Day and night difference. Yes, WOW!”

November, 2007

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